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If you like Downton Abbey…

You may also wish to try watching Australian TV series called “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.” I am usually not a huge fan of mysteries (even though in my early teens I would lose regular sleep over stories by Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle), but this one won my heart and after devouring two seasons (thanks to holidays!) I can’t wait for the third one. It is not just a mystery show, it also has romance, gorgeous costumes (oh, those flapper dresses and head pieces!) and Art Nouveau decor, jazz, and a Hispano-Suiza (never heard about it until this show, what a beauty!). But once again, it is not just that. It is about a “modern woman”, lady detective Miss Phryne Fisher (played by beautiful Essie Davis), living in a traditional society of 1920s. The main character also reminds me of a female protagonist in “Easy Virtue” (played by Jessica Biel).



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  1. Thanks for the tip, I just gave this a watch and was instantly hooked! I also discovered that there is an exhibition of the costumes currently at Ripponlea House and Gardens in Melbourne. The house and grounds are worth a visit alone but I will certainly be heading there to see the beautiful costumes in person!


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