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Stained Glass Evolution

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Stained glass is usually associated with Medieval art, but the craft continued to develop and also includes masterpieces by Art Nouveau and modern artists, as well as designs that go beyond the religious. Here are some of the most stunning.

The Saint Vitus Cathedral window by Art Nouveau master Alfons Mucha:

Alfons Mucha, Stained Glass, 1931, Saint Vitus Cathedral, Prague — Source:

Tiffany Windows by Art Nouveau master Louis Comfort Tiffany:

Magnolia and Irises, c.1908, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Magnolia and Irises, detail

Dogwood, c.1902-1915, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

When it comes to modern stained glass, a major name is Marc Chagall, the Russian-French artist who produced both religious and non-religious windows in the last phase of his career:

Marc Chagall, Stained Glass, 1974, Reims Cathedral — Source:

Marc Chagall, America Windows, 1977, Art Institute of Chicago — Source:

Just after Chagall…

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  1. Stunning, breathtaking stuff. Hard to choose but the Mucha window invites inspection and alongside the Chagall it has a very tradition feel and structure but the draughtsmanship and colour work is deeply impressive.. .It is good to see the Chagall window too – he seems to be getting a lot of revisionist bad press recently and the ethereal quality of the stained glass (in the way he envisioned it) really suits his work. Thanks…!

    • Thanks for your comment, PhilipMac! It is stunning indeed. Since I have always been mesmerized by Medieval stained glass windows, it was truly a personal discovery to find those 20th century artworks through the westologist blog, especially Chagall.


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